A couple on holiday, a local and a group of friends have something in common: they’re all looking to spend a perfect summer in the Dolomites. But a monstrous threat is lurking in these mountains, and nothing will ever be the same again!

Be safe and be careful. Follow us into the world of Dolomeyes: “Fear at first sight”
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Right or wrong? Good or bad? Learn to recognise scary human habits, and get ready to let out terrorific screams! Follow the adventures of the monstrous Dolomeyes as it grapples with the bizarre behaviour of its guests at high altitudes! Listen to its advice about living in balance with the environment, consuming water mindfully and tackling the mountains in complete safety! And remember… #DONTBEAMONSTER

Dark Water

A thirst to die for

Do not underestimate the importance of proper water usage on your trek; let’s learn to recognise the pitfalls lurking in the wrong kind of behaviour.


A smartphone can prolong your life

How many things can a smartphone help us with? Even your safety in the mountains depends on it.

Dark Water II

The return of the thirst

Water is as precious as it is exhaustible, especially at high altitudes. How can we use it in a sustainable, mindful way?


Don’t open that wardrobe

Being fashionable or trendy doesn’t matter! What matters in the mountains is dressing in a way that is practical, useful and safe.

The Monster Club

The mountains have eyes

Do you feel like you’re being watched? It’s normal: in the mountains you’re never really completely alone. Learn to respect the flora, fauna and people that live here.

Overlook Hotel

A night in a mountain hut

How do you have an authentic mountain hut experience? You need the right spirit of adaptation as well as some simple, but not obvious, rules for a happy coexistence.

The Sound
of Dolomeyes

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